Physiotherapy services in the studio

After the initial examination, I will offer a therapy that is always tailored just for you.

Physiotherapy to support pregnancy

If you are unable to get pregnant, have repeated miscarriages or have painful periods, or are planning to undergo IVF, the therapy according to Mrs. Mojžíšová could be the method of first choice for you – as Ludmila Mojžíšová passed it on to her direct successor, Mrs. Volejníková. It is a method of fixed procedures, exercises and mobilizations, where we influence not only muscle tension, but also relieve back pain and headaches. I also use the method of visceral manipulation, which we can influence so that not only the organs of the small pelvis come to life again through movement, blood circulation. The therapy can be supplemented with a vaginal suppository with herbs.

Physiotherapy during pregnancy

I am a physio guide during pregnancy, where I treat women either preventively to prevent pain that could be associated with pregnancy, but I also deal with specific problems a pregnant woman already has. In addition to soft techniques and individual exercises in therapy, I use the rebozo, which also helps me relax the muscles of the pelvic floor before childbirth, which I also primarily do using Mrs. Mojžíšová’s method. The therapy can be supplemented with a vaginal suppository with herbs.

Postpartum physiotherapy

After giving birth, I will check the woman, and possibly help solve problems with the pelvic floor not only in the sense of a weakened pelvic floor, but also with pain during intercourse. We focus on diastasis and the overall disconnection from your body due to childbirth. In the period outside of pregnancy, I also help solve various difficulties using the method of visceral manipulation, which, although it is very gentle, achieves great results with it. As part of complex therapy, I also use a women’s herbal steamer, where I will help you choose suitable herbal mixtures and advise when it is appropriate and how to use it.

Scar therapy

I also take care of scars, not only after caesarean sections, but also scars after episiotomy, laparoscopic operations, and it makes a lot of sense to check both fresh scars and old scars. Each scar affects the rest of the body, so the therapy of this must always be comprehensive to have a long-term effect. In therapy, I also use tapes, and as part of complex therapy, I also offer procedures from midwife Anička Kohutová and the method of visceral manipulation.

Treatment of incontinence

Stress incontinence therapy is not only about strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, but rather about optimizing the tension in this area. In order for the exercise to be successful, it is advisable to first examine vaginally how the muscles of the pelvic floor are functional and only then determine the procedure. But the muscles of the pelvic floor are not isolated and it is always necessary to involve them in exercises in the overall body setting and in complex exercises in cooperation with the lower limbs, torso, but also the psyche.